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Wanting to start Chantix

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Posted 13 November 2016 - 08:06 AM

I too have a prescription that I have not started due to all the negative feedback on the internet and not finding a lot of positive comments. I know everyone reacts differently to medicine and I won't know unless I try it. That being said I'm still having a difficult time doing so.
I am also wondering as your body adjusts do the negative side effects dissipate?
I need to quit smoking like everyone else and am looking for encouragement. I have a vacation out of the country in 2 weeks and would like to go on the heels of being smoke-free but also don't want to be sick from the medicine. Suggestions, encouragement, feedback, experiences welcomed!!! Thank you.

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Posted 13 November 2016 - 11:55 AM

Congratulations on your decision and welcome to QSMB!
Today is my 26th day with Chantix. I can't tell you if you should or should use Chantix but I can share my experience. I felt no change while using 0,5 mg a day pills. After starting with 0,5 X2 a day, I started having headaches. They were stubborn but not unbearable and they continued for a few days. Regular painkillers worked just fine. After moving into 1 mg X 2 a day, I started feeling the other side effects. I have to say they were nothing too dramatic or unmanageable. I started having more vivid and sometimes life-like dreams. No nightmares, just regular dreams which I can remember in detail after waking up. 
The worst side effect I am still experiencing is feeling a bit low on the energy. Again nothing too dramatic but it takes a bit more push to initiate something and I prefer to procrastinate as long as I can. I hope it will pass soon before it impacts my job.
The last one is sleeping longer than usual. I can't have enough of the sleep nowadays.
By the way, It doesn't mix well with alcohol. I had around a half bottle wine last weekend and it took me a day to clear the fog in my head. Now I am avoiding alcohol.
When I quit Cold Turkey in the past, I was having similar symptoms to a level - except for the dreams. This time they are just a bit stronger.
Do I regret taking the pill? Absolutely not! My desire to smoke didn't disappear completely but they are very weak and not very frequent at all. I stopped smoking on the 14th day of the pill but only had 1-2 cigarettes a day as of 10th day just because I didn't feel like smoking.
I hope this helps. 
I forgot to mention, I am not nearly as moody and irritable as when I tried Cold Turkey. However it would not be fair to say I am not moody at all. I just bursted a shopkeeper yesterday which is not typical of me but he deserved it.

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Posted 13 November 2016 - 01:22 PM

Any and all negative effects do go away...completely.....Side effect I had was one very vivid dream having a conversation with a turtle...and slight stomach discomfort.....just make sure to eat a full meal before taking it.....Just like quitting smoking, dont let the "what ifs" run you....get it going, take it one day at a time...use the support here and your doctor as needed....

I count the biggest and most positive side effect of Chantix as getting my quit......You must have the want to quit and with chantix, it is doable....

You also may not get negative side effects, or even just quite managable ones....:)...Bassman


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