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Rules and Regulation of Forum-PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING

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Posted 03 March 2015 - 08:25 PM

Posting Etiquette & Best Practices

The Quit Smoking Message Board is a place where smokers, ex-smokers, and experts can openly ask questions, share ideas, talk, and learn. To allow for differences in opinion while maintaining an open discussion, we've developed certain rules. Registering on this forum is an agreement to follow the rules below. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse to break them.

Please Don't

1. Don't advertise
Do not use any section of the forum for self-promotion or any other advertising materials. That includes the private message system and links in the signature of your posts. All posts containing this type of material will be removed, and the offending member may be suspended or removed immediately and without notice. We've seen hundreds of very creative attempts at advertising, so please don't try to fool us.

QuitSmoking.com reserves the right to post messages related to its own products, services or to post messages from sponsors who financially support this forum. Any such posts will be clearly labeled as "Sponsored Ads".

2. Don't post illicit material. This includes:
- Obscene or offensive language or photographs
- Anything portraying, inciting, or condoning violence against a person or group
- Anything that violates any of the other rules at this forum

3. Don't bully others
Address the qualities of the ideas discussed here, not the people who express them. Harassment of other members is strictly prohibited. This includes:
- Personal attacks in the forum or private message system

** A personal attack can be, but is not limited to: making threats, expressing malicious intent, name-calling, making accusations, cyber stalking.**
- Rants or otherwise harassing, abusive, or intimidating comments
- Repeated unwanted private messages
- Private messages with derogatory or offensive comments
- Use of information to stalk or harass other members
- Avoid using sarcasm when your intentions could be misinterpreted


4. Don't "fan the flames"
There are differences of opinion in any open forum. If you find a discussion getting heated it is typically best to just "walk away". Do not "fan the flames" and then request that the board admin remove the other party. In most cases, we will remove both users.  "Fanning the flames" also includes bringing up old disagreements with the intent to bother other members or cause another argument to begin.

5. Don't ask us to take sides
The medical community's understanding of nicotine addiction, and how best to fight it, continues to evolve. While individual members may support a particular method of quitting, the board administrators must remain neutral and may even encourage new, successful methodologies to be discussed.

6. Don't use multiple accounts
Do not create or use multiple accounts to agree (or argue) with yourself. If we detect this behavior all accounts will be deleted permanently and you will be barred from creating new accounts.

7. Don't Post comments that suggest e-cigarettes are a safe alternative to cigarettes
Based on current information and available research, the QuitSmokingMessageBoard does not classify e-cigarettes as a safe alternative to smoking or suitable for use in places where conventional cigarette smoking is prohibited. Tobacco users “should not trade one carcinogenic product for another...” (U.S. Surgeon General, 2003).


8. Don't post comment about E-cigarettes or vaping.

Ongoing litigation will decide whether E-cigs are a drug, a product, and/or a viable smoking cessation tool. While this board attempts to remain neutral regarding smoking cessation methods, the World Health Organization, U.S. FTC, U.S FDA, U.S. Surgeon General have rendered clear opinions about the use of e- cigs and vaping while countries including Brazil, Canada, Uruguay, Singapore, Mexico and Turkey have barred them entirely. Posts supporting the use of e-cig or vaping will be deleted immediately.         UNLESS WE HAVE MEMBERS ASKING FOR SUPPORT TO BREAK THEIR ADDICTION FROM E CIGS AND VAPING and then we will fully support them.


9. Don't post other people's confidential or private information without their express permission.

This includes email address, street addresses, telephone numbers, content of private forum messages, etc. 

10. Don't infringe copyrighted material
Please do not post copyrighted material to this forum. This includes copyrighted photos, text, video, or any other content. If you wish to reference copyrighted material, provide a link to that material in your post, as long as it does not violate rule #1 above. Also please note that this site is copyrighted, copying our material and links is infringement.

11. Don't post sensitive or personal information
This board is not responsible for how your posts or private messages are used by other members. Do not share sensitive or personal information such as your phone number, email address, social media usernames, credit card numbers etc. on this forum.

Do not post these things on the public threads, or include them in your signatures or profiles.  If you would like to share these things in a personal message, you may do so, but at your own risk. 


12. Religion and Politics Threads

I would appreciate it if these types of threads are not started in the future.  They have so much potential to cause problems and "get ugly" that I think it's better if we avoid them.


13. Reminder About Language

It's been a while since I have made an official request of you, but here I go again!  I am just asking everyone to please re-read the Rules and Regulations of the board (it's a pinned thread here on the main board) and make sure you understand the rules regarding language and communication with other members.


Just in case re-reading that is not clear enough - we ask that profanity not be used on the site.  The owners and previous administrators made that rule and I 100% agree, it makes our forum feel more welcoming and safe.  Our forum is also completely available to the public, which means there are potentially children who can read these threads and comments, we want to keep things rated PG as much as possible for their sake and for our comfort level.  (This includes using symbols as letters so as not to actually use these inappropriate words.)


I would also like to ask that we keep communication as positive and uplifting as possible, there have been an unfortunate number of members receiving threatening or unkind PMs in addition to members being called unkind things on public threads.  Remember that this is a direct violation of the forum rules and that we consider it abusive behavior. These situations can result in an automatic ban, if necessary. 


We want this forum to be focused on support, which means we need to create a safe and comfortable environment.  I know there are so many different personalities, writing styles, and stories we want to share here - it is part of what makes this site so wonderful.  Hopefully we can all give each other the benefit of the doubt, take what we need and leave the rest, and avoid contention and confrontation as much as possible.  But please know that I will not accept excuses for breaking the rules of the forum. If there are continual problems I want to know and I will take action as I see fit - you can PM me anytime or report, these interactions are kept confidential so that all members can feel safe reporting issues.


I am so happy to be working with all of you, I am so impressed by the time and energy so many of you put into making this place what it is.  I know that many of you are changing lives as you share your stories, advice, concerns, etc.  It's an incredible process to be a part of.  Thank you all for your support and understanding with me as I blunder through and try to make this place the best it can be!


Hey guys! 


We've addressed this issue a few times before but I felt that maybe it was time to address it again.  We have been experiencing a bit more contention than normal and hopefully these two guidelines will help reduce it.


1. If you disagree with advice or information shared by another poster - that is okay, there is no "official" way to quit smoking or to teach others how.  Everyone uses their own best judgement, but arguing with other posters on threads about whether or not their advice is adequate is not helpful to the OP.  If something seems especially dangerous or inappropriate, feel free to send that person a PM or report it if necessary. 


2. Take what you need and leave the rest - this little mantra of ours is a great way to avoid contention and arguments.  If someone says something that is out of line or offensive, responding is the worst thing you can do.  It draws attention to it, it makes both parties feel defensive, and it definitely causes more drama.  If everyone just ignores the comments that they disagree with then those comments generally get lost and the person posting them stops because they aren't getting the attention or reaction they were looking for.


That being said - sometimes we all have bad days and get offended or say things that are offensive to others.  These things happen.  Apologizing goes a long way.  But also giving people the benefit of the doubt, remembering that we can't really understand the tone intended through reading text only comments, and trying to focus on staying positive can help us avoid these unnecessary arguments.


*** On an unrelated note - anyone who is not receiving PM notifications that would like to, please send me a PM so I can keep track of the people wanting them and see if we can fix the problem. ***



Remember: QuitSmoking.com reserves the right to remove or edit any messages that it, at its own discretion, deems inappropriate. Remember, you are a guest in our "house." Conduct yourself accordingly. Personal insults, verbal attacks, and generally offensive, disrespectful, or abusive messages will be edited or deleted by forum hosts. Repeated violations will result in temporary suspension of forum access, eventually leading to being banned from forums. Spam messages will be deleted immediately, and the user account will be disabled in the forums.

A word about "Trolls"


Definition of a troll:

Someone who regularly, blatantly, and obnoxiously posts comments that are inflammatory, attacks, or extremely contrary to the feelings of the board in order to get a rise out of other members.  There are times when someone is having a bad day and may seem like a troll - that does not make them one.  Trolls are not always necessarily new members, and they are not always obvious.


How to deal with a troll:

If you think someone is a troll, or acting trollish... Please post a link to this thread.  Then report the person immediately to admin.  DO NOT call the person a troll.  If they are, then they win.  If they aren't then you have really offended someone.  DO NOT directly interact with this person.  By reacting you are giving them the ability to disrupt the board and cause mayhem, which is their goal.  If you do not respond and report the person, the problem can be handled quickly and quietly without causing additional problems.  Please also feel free to bump other threads to hide the offending thread.


If you have any additional questions or concerns, please PM the admin and let us know.  We are happy to help in any way we can.



Please Do

- Respect others
- Be kind to newbies -- we were all new once
- Assume good faith - sometimes a little "tough love" is the best help you can get.
- Share what you know
- Encourage others; recognize and praise good comments
- Ask for help and help others in return
- Set a good example
- Give us your feedback

Above all, have fun and make friends. This board has enabled many new friendships and at least one actual marriage. Enjoy yourself!


Every once in a while someone joins QSMB just to stir up trouble. We call these people trolls, and it can be difficult to know how to respond to them.If you suspect someone is a troll, we recommend that you do not respond to them. Report any suspicious posts or private messages, and our administrators (that's me) will look into it. A response is what they are looking for, and giving them one will keep their post at the top of the board. So ignore, report, don't fuel the fire, and the impact a troll can make will be minimal.  (Also, please note: these users may not be subject to the normal regulation and warning protocols, they will most likely be permanently banned without warning.)

Site Admin



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admin - harper

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Posted 18 May 2015 - 08:35 PM

Hey friends,


I just wanted to remind everyone that the main board is meant for topics related to quitting smoking or staying quit. 


The only true exceptions to this that are condoned by the admin and owners of the site are specific celebrations.  We love seeing 6 months, 1 year, and other yearly anniversaries on the main board. 


We absolutely want to celebrate every milestone with every member - every milestone is a big deal and we want all our members to feel proud of their quits, no matter how long they are currently. 


That is what the celebration sub forum is for - please post your celebrations there so we can keep the main board focused and the information most helpful to those trying to quit or trying to stay quit easily available.


Feel free to contact one of the admins/moderators if you have a question about this, and thank you all for understanding this and for all your support and wisdom.  We have a great community here and I am so proud of it and all of you!



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Posted 08 August 2016 - 09:53 PM

Hey everyone - just a quick update to the rules!  We have changed the rule about posting personal information a bit.  Please reread rule 11 and make sure you understand.  We are asking that you do not include usernames or information from social media, as this can lead to privacy issues for you, on your profiles or in your signatures.  If you choose to share these things in PMs you may do so, but the site and company are not responsible for how this information may be used by other members.



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Posted 18 October 2016 - 08:14 PM

Hello friends,


We have recently made a policy change regarding when members want to leave our site.  This doesn't happen often, but occasionally we get requests to delete accounts - we will no longer be doing this.  We have run into a few issues with members leaving, then returning with new usernames and it makes it much harder to keep track of warnings and other administrative issues.


If you would like to leave the board here are the two options available to you:

1. You can go to your own profile page and disable all notifications and subscriptions to the board so you will not be contacted any longer.  Then, simply do not return to the site.  If you happen to change your mind, you can come back, turn on the notifications and all will be available to you again without any hassle.

2. You can PM myself or another admin (currently avian3) and ask to be "permanently banned" this means that you will no longer have access to our site, not even to view it without logging in, and if you choose to return at a later time, you will have to email hello@quitsmoking.com and ask them to reinstate your account. 


Finally, if you would like your content removed from the site - you are welcome to do this yourself.  If you would like instructions on how to do this, please contact  one of the admin/moderators.  We will not be removing content for members any longer. 



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Posted 13 July 2017 - 10:37 PM


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